July 03, 2007

Be not Proud

Put away the flags and fireworks, my friends.

We would be better served to stop and reflect on what we have let ourselves become, instead of celebrating what our parents and grandparents accomplished in the past.

We are no longer a nation that lives by rule of law. Instead, we are now a nation where the powerful can easily excuse the criminal behavior of their wealthy friends.

We have become a nation that is comfortable with the idea of preemptive warfare.

We are comfortable with the idea that it is somehow OK to turn the bloody art of war into a profit center. Even worse, we seem to be OK with the fact that the company making most of the money is waiting for their boy to resume his real job after taking an eight-year hiatus in the Vice President's Office.

We are comfortable letting thousands of our children march off to die in a war that cannot possibly be won.

We would do well to forget a little of what we know about pride arrogance, and study a bit on grace and humility.

Our parents and grandparents could then be proud of us, instead of the other way around.

June 15, 2007

Man, it's 4:00 AM already?

Yikes! I have a lunch date tomorrow, and I really like this person... I am a complete basket case right now... so much for sleeping!

***UPDATE: Whew, I can breath now... it went well. Wonder if she'd like to do it again sometime?

June 10, 2007

I'm back....

Note to self - just because the rental car can make it all the way from Pittsburgh to Roanoke without stopping doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea to do so...

My legs seem to be made of jello right now.

June 04, 2007

Monday morning blues

I managed to sit through the CNN-sponsored debate last night - no real standout performances, IMHO, but Hillary seemed to do a pretty good job of staying above the fray and appearing somewhat "presidential". It wasn't enough to make me want to vote for her, though.


I found this video via Reddit earlier this morning... it appears to be one of the first Daily Show episodes to run after 11 September 2001. It really brought back just how emotional those first several days were...


I go back to work today - my first day back after a week's worth of vacation... wish me luck - I'm gonna need it.