July 01, 2007

My, how times have changed...

Looking back at Roanoke history -

From the July 1, 1957 Roanoke Times:

Fifty inmates of the Roanoke City Jail were offered the chance to get out of jail by donating a pint of blood. Blood supplies were extremely low. Twenty-one inmates took advantage of the offer.

21 out of 50!

Lets see, donate a pint o' blood and get out of jail... I can't imagine anyone needing much time to think that one over, myself. There has to be some kind of backstory here... I'd love to hear it.

June 05, 2007

Downtown Roanoke parking

Looks like City Council might be having second thoughts...

Council votes to delay parking fees until fall -

June 04, 2007

Mark your calendar...

The Roanoke Valley Horse Show

The Roanoke Valley Horse Show is a non-profit volunteer organization that seeks to improve our Valley through its annual $13 million economic impact, and by donating the profits to health and human service organizations in our region. Proceeds are also directed to equine, environmental and conservancy causes.

May 31, 2007

Roanoke Parking

Parking fee a loser in downtown group's poll -

Downtown Roanoke Inc. made a push Wednesday to get city hall to reconsider ending after-hours free parking in several of the city-owned garages and lots downtown.

As part of this effort, the downtown business advocacy group launched an informal online survey on whether a new $2 parking fee on weeknights and Saturdays would deter visitors from coming downtown, especially for events. The seven-question survey was initially distributed via e-mail to the organization's governing board, its members and those who receive its city market newsletter.

So far, the results have been overwhelmingly in favor of nixing the after-hours parking fee.

"This is such a negative for downtown. We've spent years promoting the free parking," said Kathy Kinsey, Downtown Roanoke Inc.'s marketing and business recruitment manager. "We put it on all our posters and advertised it on our events."

Sign the Petition

Take the Survey

May 29, 2007


Fee, not free -

Looks like we may have seen the end of free night and weekend parking in Downtown Roanoke.

Between this and the recent talk of letting Center in the Square tear down our Farmer's Market, Roanoke City Council seems hell-bent on turning downtown into a barren wasteland... It seems such a waste, seeing as the area has made so much progress over the past few years.